Monday, July 30, 2018

Shock at Driver's License Photo

“OH NO,” I realized I had to go to the local office to get my driver’s license renewed. No simple online renewal for me.  The Division of Motor Vehicles needed to see me in person.

Why did I prefer online renewals?  I, like others I knew, had grown weary of the long lines.  But on this visit it wasn’t long lines, it was seeing my photo.

Friends and family taken my photo all the time, I don’t hide.  I enjoy my photo.  So I stepped up to the line, took off my glasses and had a partial smile. Waited a bit, and was given my temporary license.

When I opened up my temporary license, I almost had a heart attack, tears and panic. It was the wrong photo! Surely that was not me. There must have been some mix up. Yes, there was another “middle aged” woman there. This must have been her photo.  I stopped and reviewed all the written information. Everything was correct but the photo. The more I examined the photo I could see my eyes and my nose. Sure enough it was me. But where and when did all those ridges come?  I knew I had a few wrinkles.  I was okay with those. But now there were unknown ridges. I looked like I had aged 20 years. 

I thought about having the whole thing redone, pretending that I had lost my new license. However, I decided to wait and see what happened first time I used it as an ID.  Well… the person looked at my photo… and waved me along. They didn’t say anything. Showed it to a few friends who wondered what the problem was.  Oh, well, I might look older in that photo, but really I do not feel old!  What is old anyway?  Who cares about a few more wrinkles, ridges, lines… whatever?  Today, not me.  After all I still maintain “you’re as young as you feel”.  What do think?

By: Kirsten Hartman

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