Thursday, November 29, 2018

When Showing Our True Colors

         In the fall
                    when days grow short,

                        when less sun shines on orbiting earth,

                             then leaves’ chlorophyll dies,

                                 thereby showing their hidden colors.

          In life’s autumn,
                        when our days grow short,

                              when our turns round the sun go dearth,

                                    then the green takes leave,

                                         thereby showing our true colors.

                from “A Rich Spirituality” via https// By Rich Thompson

By: Kirsten Hartman

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Morning Wake up

The way I start my day is:  SLOW.  S-L-O-W.  I just can' t rush around any more.
I get up early, pour a cup of coffee and head for the couch.  There is a great view of the Rockies from my picture window and  I love to sit there watching as the sun lights up Long's Peak.  Sipping my coffee,looking at the beautiful mountains, feeling peaceful.  
After about an hour or so, most of my aches are gone and my mind is clear.  Then I am ready to begin the day.  I like taking it SLOW.
Is it just me, or is this a part of getting old?

Written by Jesse Kerchenfaut  By: Kirsten Hartman

Sunday, November 11, 2018

 In late October my husband and I spent a week in Haiti on a learning tour of Mennonite (MCC) development projects. MCC is doing an impressive job of picking its battles, identifying rural communities where it can have a real impact on health, well-being, and self-sustainability. They have become involved in a variety of projects including help with reforestation, partnering with local health organizations, teaching more efficient gardening techniques,  strengthening the capacity of local private schools, providing materials for sanitary latrines and clean water, developing overseas markets for local crafts. The Haitians we met obviously welcome opportunities to turn basic assistance and counsel into sustainable projects that they can ultimately administer on their own. That is the good news. But the big picture is of a corrupt and greedy Haitian government unwilling and incapable of maintaining the safety and well-being of its citizens and of providing individuals opportunities for a more secure future.

With two such conflicting images I find it difficult to create a vision for the future of these people. They are unwelcome as immigrants in almost every country so that leaving for a better life elsewhere, even if they could afford it, is not an option.  At least in the rural areas their sense of family and community is strong and their work ethic is impressive. They look after each other. That is the hopeful and heartwarming part of their story.
Rural moms bring their very young children to a
neighborhood center where the kids are assessed by local
nurses and moms are given nutritional advice and
supplies of food supplements.

After school programs include many children whose families
cannot afford to send them to the public schools which charge for
an education. Local teachers volunteer their time to work
with these kids after school hours.

By: Bonnie Shetler