Monday, September 24, 2018

Old dog learns new trick

This old dog just learned a new trick and it sure does make me happy.

I’ve been a hot tub addict for a long time now. Eight years ago I got a new one, probably the smallest size made. It’s an odd “kidney” shape and in a pinch, two people can enjoy it at the same time. I love it. Lately, the lid has become saturated with water and difficult to move. Not impossible, but not easy.

Figuring that after eight years, I’m probably due for a new one, I went on a search. I checked with the company I bought the hot from and I checked a couple of online sources, concluding that I’d need to spend between $415 and $449 to buy a new one. Of course, there were more than several options from “economy” to “deluxe,” to “ultra.” It was not easy to make comparisons. I wanted a good quality lid and I wasn’t sure how to choose the best one for my purposes.

That was yesterday. This morning I went for a long walk and at about mile three a thought popped into my mind. Even though I’d read that there was nothing you could do about water saturation in your hot tub lid, I decided to ask Mr. Google if there might not be a way.

Eureka! There is a way. Unzip the vinyl cover. (I had never bothered to notice that the vinyl lid did indeed have a zipper surrounding it.) It came off quite easily revealing a two-piece foam core. One side was quite light. The other was very heavy, a bit of a puzzle.

The two foam pieces are now residing on my patio in the Colorado sun which I hope will soon bake the water out of them. The inside of the vinyl cover was a bit slimy but easily scrubbed clean using an anti-bacterial cleaner. Then I placed the vinyl cover over the hot tub to keep out insects and debris during the drying out period.

Unless I have an impossible wrestling match getting the two foam cores zipped back into the vinyl cover, I’ve saved myself some cash and had a fun time doing it.

The moral of this story is keep on walking. It helps you to think!

By: Libby James

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Are you relevant?

A friend (85) recently said to me “I just want to stay relevant.”  I have been turning that word over in my mind.  I would agree that it’s a goal for me, too.  So, I ponder: how do I live my life.

What do you think this means to you?

By: Meliss Anderson

Technology and Us

Who says we are technically challenged?  How else do you find the nearest coffee shop from the Denver Civic Center?

By: Bonnie Shetler

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday in Old Town Square

Today my husband Terry and I took  a walk through Old Town Square on our way to the theater. This group of players was having a grand time performing on the bandstand. They were absolutely great. A multi-cultural and multi-generational musical creation. I just loved it but had to move on and did not have time to get their name. 

By: Bonnie Shetler